Ad Age: When CMOs Learn to Love Data…Really?

When were CMOs oblivious to data? Pre-internet? No. It just took longer to find everything. Like months and years instead of weeks. Of all the CMOs I know, ALL of them have always cared about data: about their customer’s behaviors, attitudes, FICO scores, likes, affinities, magazine subscriptions, you name it. So what puzzles me is why would anyone need to be told that data in the marketing suite is really important? CMOs’ need to learn to love data? To quote Amy Pohler, “Really?” Haven’t the best ones always cared to get as much insight into their customers? Sure its easier now, but its always been important. Tell us something we don’t know. How about this for a headline: When AdAge Learns to Write Stories for CMOs, Instead of for Marketing Managers, They’ll Be in The C-Suite.

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